Areas of operation




Guide environmental markets through instrumentation solutions

Since its founding in 2002, CNS has specialised in the environmental sector, in the areas of water, hydrology, sewage treatment, and waste. The expertise developed and facilities produced support resource collection in water and industrial discharge for monitoring or qualification. CNS designs and deploys solutions that meet clients’ strict regulatory constraints. Today, CNS coaches many local communities and industries on environmental measurement matters.



The company possesses the necessary qualifications and certifications for environmental instrumentation.

CNS teams design customised solutions that reflect regulatory constraints as well as the implementation setting. Their 20 years of experience have consolidated technical and practical expertise, to develop complete field instrumentation products such as alert stations or Sirène. The company has acquired specific know-how in:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Supply, installation, and commissioning of physical and environmental measurements in natural environments

  • Assistance, operational qualification, and metrology of these measurements