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CNS designs customised self-monitoring systems for precise data management.

CNS produces and installs self-monitoring systems for sewage discharges into the natural environment. The company designs measurement solutions adapted to the hydraulic parameters of each application and installs adapted systems: from sensors to consolidated data collection, processing, and dissemination tools. Teams are careful to meet your regulatory needs (act of July 21, 2015) and also provide summaries in Sandre format.



The self-monitoring systems installed meet both qualitative and quantitative needs. Alert station or Sirène™ solutions monitor water quality by tracking parameters. In turn, to measure the quantity of water discharged, solutions are devised case by case for seamless integration into the environment. To this end, CNS works in close collaboration with equipment manufacturers (Nivus, Sofrel, Ijinus, etc.). The solutions proposed capitalise on equipment performance consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In this way, the company is able to produce calibrated round chambers that fit perfectly into ponds, calibrated blades, or incorporate a venturi channel.