Technological services



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CNS has developed modulable instrumentation solutions for natural environments or any other water system.

CNS personalises and deploys complete cabinets for continuous analysis of water parameters: Sirène™ or Alert Stations. This is an ideal solution for more informative/qualitative ongoing tracking than periodic measurement by sampling. The data generated allow quick response, pollution identification or display of quality variations. Another special aspect is the ability to parameter these instrumentation tools to issue alerts as required at pre-set thresholds.


Adapted measurements

CNS tailors Sirène™ systems or alert stations to needs and the environment. Sirène™ measures traditional physical and chemical parameters and Alert Stations monitor other, more specific parameters. These stand-alone laboratories analyse water quality indexes: conductivity, turbidity, pH, ammonium, oxygen, etc. They transmit data to supervision software by SMS or email, for fast, effective monitoring. Our products are housed in discreet, unobtrusive small cabinets that blend into the landscape.