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iDroloc method

The iDroloc method ensures immediate response to reduce water loss and optimise system performance.

To detect system leaks, CNS uses the** tracer gas technique coupled with the iDroloc tool**.
After analysing the system and water losses, suspect segments are inspected by injecting a tracer gas, helium, through a patented injection rod. The helium spreads throughout the system and escapes with the water through the leaks. With the iDroloc machine, instrument specialists make small holes in the soil and determine the helium concentration. Analysis of these measurements indicates the location of leaks. Through this method, CNS ensures optimisation of leak search and location.



The iDroloc method provides a fast, reliable diagnosis of system leaks. Pipe inspection can start 24 hours after tracer gas injection and continue over several days at a rate of 1.5 km monitored each day, on average.

This somewhat restrictive method can locate leaks without stopping the system and poses no health risk. This leak detection technology is useful for inspecting any type of material, of any diameter and in any setting, urban or rural.